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Your Why-To’s Vs Why-Not-To’s Determinants


Your Why-To’s Vs Why-Not-To’s Determinants is a determinant as the name implies.

Picture a balance, like the scales of justice you see as the justice/judiciary logo. It’s an instrument for determining weight that has a fulcrum at the center, from each end of which is suspended a plate.

On one plate, imagine that we have something called Your Why-To’s. These are your internal motives or Reasons Why to do something.

On the other plate, we imagine having your Why-Not-To’s. These are your internal Reasons Why Not to do something.

Let me illustrate [give you an example from your own life] further.

Why are you reading this post at www.leadershiproundtablehq.com right now?

The answer is very simple. You’re reading this post because you perceive that there are more Benefits [Gains] of reading this post (another word for Why-To is Benefit) than Costs of doing so (another word for Why-Not-To is Cost).

Your perceived Why-To’s or Benefits of reading this post might include: I want to learn what the world’s most successful people do,

  • so I can do that in my own life . . .
  • so I can stop sabotaging myself . . .
  • so I can make more money/success . . .or finally
  • so I get my foot off the brake [fly, excel] . . .

And this [benefit] will make me happier because I can,

  • live the life I’ve always wanted . . .
  • quit this job I hate/take more vacations . . .
  • have better relationships . . .
  • lose weight/find the love of my life . . .
  • buy a new car/house . . . and
  • get out of debt . . .

Did I mention I’ll finally get my foot off the brake?

What about your percieved Why-Not-To’s or Costs? Those Costs might be or include:

  • I have a million other things I could be doing right now.
  • Who is this guy, anyway, and why should I listen to him?
  • What if I get to the end and still haven’t learned how to get my foot off the brake?
  • What if it works for everyone else, but not for me?
  • What’s he trying to sell me? I’ve been burned before and I don’t want it to happen again.

Did I mention all the other things I could be doing right now or gain by not reading the post? Note this “post illustration” could be business/investment opportunity presented to you…

  • No need…it is immaterial!!!

Your mind, my mind, our mind is like an infinite weighing machine—at every moment in time, your mind is unconsciously weighing your perceived Benefit against your perceived Costs of doing any behaviour or activity you can think of. Can you see that every decision we make is built upon our Why-To’s and Why-Not-To’s?

Consider the following:

  • Where you live/work
  • What you wear
  • What you eat (and how often you eat it)
  • What kind of car you drive
  • What you do for/at work
  • Who you decide to marry—or not marry
  • What do you have for breakfast/lunch today?

All of these were determined by your Why-To’s and your Why-Not-To’s. Every decision you’ve ever made in your life was based on your internal Why-To’s and Why-Not-To’s: your reasons why you thought you should do the thing vs. the reasons not to do that thing.

Welcome to the College of Entrepreneurship. Can you think about these?

Dr Mike is an entrepreneurial sage, a speaker, and a teacher. He can help your organization. He can be reached on this CONTACT.

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