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Your time equals your life is just a precious truth you must grasp.

After discussing three [3] keys to managing self within time [what people call Time Management] in part 2 which are;

1. Construct a system – a system of doing things, a system of people, just a system

2. Focus on your goals with tenacity,

72. Structure your time. This is the heart of effectiveness.

it becomes necessary to expand the third point here, the #72 more.

Structure Your Time is a strong key. It states that you focus your energy on doing your most important activities when you are most productive.


You and all humans cannot do all that is purposed to do in a day, a week, or year or a period in time. We are always excited at the beginning of a time that WE CAN DO MORE than our capacity, resources and even what time can carry. Time is TOO limited to carry out all our intentions. Don’t assume otherwise. People who assume that they will meet up do WRITE A TO-DO list; only to be disappointed, because it does not work. Theirs and our experiences have proven that. Again, your productivity and strength vary with your own/particular time of the day or days of the week/month.


  1. Save routine chores/tasks for low-energy/fatigue times.
  2. Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize
  3. Be reminded, you/we are what you/we do with your/our 24 hours.


For Knowing More, or Contacting Us, you are welcome.

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