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You Gotta Have A Vision

VISION crafting can be applied in anything you’re working on just like goals-setting – vision of education, vision of family life, vision of career, vision of old age, vision of business, vision of the year, vision of… you name it!!! Please, take a deep sleep, perhaps for days to craft vision for different aspects of your life pursuit.

When you do that (crafting the vision), you break the realization/achievement of each vision area into segments in seasons, perhaps 5years, 3years or 1 year as the case maybe, and called it OBJECTIVES.

Your MISSION is just mission!!! Mission simply means your reason for BEING, for EXISTING, for LIVING – it’s what you do every day. As a lawyer, your career MISSION is to defend your clients by advocacy and soliciting. Your mission in other areas of your life definitely differs. As a medic, your mission is to provide CARE… and on and on, and you can craft your mission.

Now, your vision is becoming achievable by INCREMENTAL laying of bricks of objectives and mission. Now, you can do something to achieve the objectives easier than going direct to achieving vision. This thing you do to achieve your objectives is called STRATEGY.

Strategy is your REVISABLE and REVIEWABLE plans to achieve your mapped out objectives. It’s your master game plan to succeed, to beat competitors, manoeuvre in competition, to win, to outwit, to OVERCOME obstacle, … You can’t win in life, career and business without a strategy (Gk: stratagem: – life war plans.) Period.

If that plan is planned and executed at impromptu or without notice to review/revise before executing, we call it TACTICS. Tactics is so common in sports, more than wars, battles, careers and businesses, because the coach has no time in the field of play to plan and replan than to tell the athletes what to do to win. Any situation you have to plan and execute immediately, we say, you have tactics or you’re a tactician.

Your strategy can only work by GUIDED DISCIPLINE made possible by your VALUES (values are what you consider important and u compromisable to you, and only you, even without others). Core values just mean few, untouchable, unplayable Values among many you may have, perhaps 3, or 4 and at most 5.

From what I’ve said so far, nothing stops you buying exercise book(s) to craft Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Core Values, Objectives and Strategy for your Life, Career, Family, Business, Old Age, Education, etc. Governments, Institutions, Profit and Non-Profit Organizations, Mosques, Ministry and Churches, Individuals and You especially NEED it – all I’ve written.

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