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You Can’t Input Too Little In Life & Expect Much From Life

If you know up to a little, I know in team work, you’ll know that;

  1. Team play does not negate differential rating of team players hence no team go far without a playmaker. Nigerian teams hardly have a playmaker, star player. Why a star player? One, his presence cages many other players from the other side. Two, he draws admiration and sympathy from 360o of all stakeholders. That give his team a plus even from referee: You can call it partiality, but that’s because you have come up in life. It even exists in your family.
  2. As a team, you don’t win a major tournament when your input is not commensurate in kind, but in luck. The world bodies, organizations even you think in terms of market. Who do we put more sympathy on so that we make more money? To crush this inclination/bias and be a winner, you must be outstandingly good. Crush luck mentality in you. Your life is too precious to be left to chances (luck).
  3. The best defense is been on the offensive. It’s attack. Every day in 21st century, Africa is still learning. Every day, Africa is moping in inexperience. You can’t progress in a heavy caliber game like FIFA by defending instead of attacking and being offensive. That’s against the business of FIFA. FIFA and world community want soccer WARRIORS not defenders. They want fighters just like the world want such in Researches, Technology, Leadership, Economy & Education.
  4. In teamwork, when match gets tough, it turns not to be game of players but the match between the leaders of both teams. Who are these leaders? They are the coaches and captains from both sides. It’s called the Law of Edge. The edge, i.e., the advantage is leadership. What does your captain & coach or team Leaders tell the players or how do they motivate the players in the field determine winning or failure?

Wow! This is TeamXpert, have a great day & be a great team player in your workplace.


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