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Winning in RISK Challenging Economies

When there’s a downturn in economy, many organizations withdraw from;

  1. insuring their RISKS,
  2. investing in #1 profit driver, KNOWLEDGE and

They avoid these three ’cause they think the three are expenses and that they need to cut cost. Invariably, this error constitutes a greater risk.

Sir, Knowledge and Customers are two distinct resources any upward moving organization has, not equipment, building, etc. Please, try to understand this.

It amazes us and at our company how some organizations’ managers think in this poverty-stricken mentality by not knowing that;

  1. profit comes not by activities inside the organization but by only through knowledge and customers, and these two come from outside the business.
  2. it’s not just the activities of the business, but opportunities explored and exploited that produce results – great economic value.
  3. risk carrying/management is a bigger exploitable opportunity in a repressed recessed economy than otherwise, because it’s a bigger risk carrying your risk alone and not insuring it.

Do you know the worst? Most people in risk organizations especially Insurances & brokers do not know the STRATEGIC position they occupy in becoming greater. Why? Knowledge deficiencies.

This is why we want to simplify and demystify “Winning in Risk Challenged Economy” for risk undertaking companies like insurances and brokers, etc., that will care to know in we will make to love risk business.  Group negotiations and Discount are available.


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