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Why do intelligent people withdraw from others?


Observant people observe why do intelligent people withdraw from others are serious and worth learning from.

Have you bothered that sometimes intelligent people shy away from doing what other people are doing like meetings? In your village, workplace, or neighborhood, have you tried to notice that experience consciously or unconsciously? Sometimes, they become too quiet in a meeting [gathering] that is unorganized or has a drunkard in attendance making a noise. If in a meeting you see somebody who makes a hail of useless noise, mark him or her, such is not an intelligent person.

Why Am I Talking About Intelligent People? What’s The Correlation Between Intelligence & Leadership?

Each time I’m dedicating new leaders to take over a reign, I jokingly ask them if they are to choose another set of leaders, who will choose, or what will be the basis for their selection. This question is the same as asking why you chose the ones you’ve chosen. Their answers have always been overtly and covertly INTELLIGENCE. So intelligence is a primary criterion people think of when selecting leaders. No group will like to select idiots to rule them. I don’t know whether you are about to make that mistake in your workplace, family, association, union, church, ministry, government at the federal or state, school, etc. So, intelligence [not intellectual, please] is a variable in grooming leaders.

Can I shock you? Intelligence can be termed the #1 leadership asset [not vision, vision is not #1]. Someone can loan you a vision statement and you try but no one can loan you INTELLIGENCE. Intelligence is in the grey matter of your brain cells. We have this problem in our leadership grooming – we look for people who can pay the delegates, pay the touts, pay the gunmen, pay the unknown gunmen, pay ballot box snatchers, pay for rice, buy votes, buy professors to announce them, winners, afterward buy the case, etc.  We forget when the leading ride gets on, Leadership is both Art and Science. It’s Science because leadership principles and laws have gone through experimentation and are proven. It’s Arts because the acts you perform in leadership are just creativity unlimited. When the chips are down, the dice are cast, and leadership creativity is your fallback.

But Why do intelligent people withdraw from influencing society seeing the role of intelligence in leadership?

Let me give you these few and compactly. Detail on LIVE!

  1. Intelligent people hate the wastage of their intelligentsia.
  2. Intelligent people are tired of mentally walking behind people with mental walking sticks and they cannot pass around them to the front.
  3. Intelligent people like to get away from the irrational and arbitrary judgments of the herd mind – people with crowd/mixed-multitude brains.
  4. Intelligent people like to avoid having their stream of consciousness disturbed by the small talk genre.
  5. An intelligent person who has gained wisdom through experience and struggling must inevitably become a god or a monster. Both remain hidden from sight, for their well-being, and yours.
  6. Intelligent people are tired of being misunderstood and hate being misunderstood.
  7. Intelligent people stay away to avoid the horror of boredom since they use their brains a lot and at every minute.
  8. Intelligent people don’t fit in and never will fit in, in every senselessness.
  9. There is a social group rejection and utter contempt for extremely intelligent people by the mix-multitude [herdsheads]. And this can reach a crescendo pitch, in which the intelligent person becomes scapegoated and is at risk of physical harm and always emotional abuse. Sometimes they can be ostracized, imprisoned, marked out, or killed.
  10. Intelligent people have been banished from society, or they are in exile so they can be free. You can close your eyes and name 10 from your community, state, and federal who suffered such a feat. Can’t you?

Have you observed this leadership declivity? What do you think? Share your thoughts on the comments

Mike Ihezuo is a leadership, conflict management, entrepreneurship, and management development expert. He can be a tremendous asset to your organization. He’s better heard than advertised. Reached him via Inquiry or email.

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