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What Are You Great At?


Have you ever read a book called “Good To Great”?

It’s written by Jim C. Collins, a leader in the management consulting space with several best-sellers, but Good To Great is the book he’s mostly famous for.

In it, he examines dozens of leading companies looking for clues into what makes them succeed.

To his surprise, the top companies weren’t the ones with secret patents, the biggest offices, a huge marketing budget or a superstar CEO.

The organizations with the strongest base and the most profits were the ones that…

1 – made the choice to be great, and

2 – focused on things they were really great at.

Imagine that.

This same principle applies to personal life.

Being #1 in your market, career, profession and building a massively successful company and or simply

based on the things you do well.

So let me ask you…

What are you really amazing at?

Imagine my grammar… amazing at. That’s the secret!

Your answer may hold the key to you creating the thriving business or future you really want.

See me on part 2.

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