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Unveiling Expert Power, Part 7: Why Expert Power Matters


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  1.  Expert power is a great asset to have by anyone. It automatically makes you a leader.

2. Expert power provides leaders with a robust power base from which they can manage people confidently, knowing that you know the know-how.

3. Expert power is more important than reward-based or coercive power in leading people effectively. Gary A. Yukl, a professor in Management who made that statement further said If you have expert power, your people/team is likely to be more open to your efforts for you to guide them, and you’ll find it easier to motivate them  to perform to their full potential.

4. Expert power can also help you to get noticed, which allows you to craft a higher-profile role.

5. Expert power can help you to build up your own personal brand and increase your influence and reputation at work. Your expertise means that:

  • others will naturally look to you for direction.
  • they will put their trust in you to make wise decisions and produce good results.

they’ll learn from your unique skills and experience when they work with you, at the same time.

See you in part 2 or live.

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