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Unveiling Expert Power, Part 6: How to Build Expert Power 3


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Having known the benefits of expert power, remember you will need to constantly develop those skills and knowledge to keep hold of that expert power. It can be lost by been overtaken…and in life overtaken is allowed. Doubtless, building expertise is no easy feat. It can be a time-consuming task, but, ultimately, it’s a worthwhile deal.


Maintaining expert power is a lifelong commitment, so you will need to refresh and update your knowledge continuously if you wish to remain the go-to expert in your field – the leader with expert power.

How you build expertise will depend on the sector that you work in. Academic study will be necessary in some sectors, such as scientific research for example, while practical experience will be needed in others, such as real estate, construction, force, legal or journalism. Consider how your industry operates and identify existing expert powers and expertise whose lead you could follow.

Then, carve out an expert “niche” for yourself by seizing any opportunities that come your way to further expand and impart your knowledge, and use these to build up and show your skill.
Use information gathering to solidify your role as an expert. This involves the collection of both background information, such as trends and facts, and specific task-related information, such as a risk assessment or a quality standard.


It’s not enough just to build expertise. People have to recognize your skills and to acknowledge that they need what you carry. On expert power I teach eight skills steps to achieve this.

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