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Unveiling Expert Power, Part 4: how to build expert power, Part 1


If what I said in Part 3 is essential, then, how do you build expert power? Take only two from me now:

  • Gain expertise: The first step is obvious (if time consuming) – gain expertise, be an authority. And, if you are already using tools like the information gathering tool, the chances are that you have already progressed well ahead in this direction. Let me stop here.
  • Be Recognized As Expert: But just being an expert isn’t enough, it is also necessary that your people and everyone possible recognize your expertise and see you as a credible source of information and advice.

Gary A. Yukl, in his book “Leadership in Organizations,” details some steps to build expert power. These two are ok for you:

  1. Promote an image of expertise: Since perceived expertise in many occupations is associated with a person’s education and experience, a leader should (subtly) make sure that subordinates, peers, and superiors are aware of his or her formal education, relevant work experience, and significant accomplishments.

One common way of doing this is to display diplomas, licenses, awards, and other evidence of expertise in a prominent location in your office – after all, if you’ve worked hard to gain knowledge, it’s fair that you get credit for it.

Another tactic is to make subtle references to prior education or experience (for example, “When I was chief engineer at HP, MTN or IBM, we had a problem similar to this one”).

Beware, however: this can easily be overdone.

  1. Maintain credibility: Once established, you should carefully protect your image of expertise. Avoid making careless comments about subjects on which you are poorly informed, and avoid being associated with projects with a low likelihood of success.

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