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Unlock Your Problems Solving Potential

The key to unlocking problems solving potential or capability resides in no man’s personal house than in your own creative thinking. This comes by learning.


It’s a skill, and all skill whether football, driving, speaking, or dancing are learnt. Keys are authority, power, access, permission, essential and necessities. In life, companies, organizations and families, people assume people can think. Have you heard of someone asking another, “Don’t you have sense?”, “Can’t you think?”

That question is on the assumption that the questioned thinks less or is incapacitated to think. But it is no so. We make too many assumptions in life. How will you expect much from someone’s thinking womb when you have not impregnated his thinking faculty? Research said 80% of the 7.7billion on earth rarely think and will choose, vow and commit not to think. Why? Thinking involves ENGAGING the brain cells into activities. And these 80% will choose to let the brain be USED (not rest. Please your brain cannot rest for 1 seconds and you still remain alive. Your brain rests only at death.) Britannica Encyclopedia says that the genius among us don’t use up to 7% of our brain power yet they turn their world downside up.

Please thinking does not cause high blood pressure, HBP. It is cares and anxieties that make one has a HBP. I leave all my cares and anxieties at the feet of Jesus (1 Peter 5:7) as Holy Ghost gives me directions (John 16:13) in life, career and business as I THINK CREATIVELY. So, you should learn to think.

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Dr Mike Ihezuo

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Mike is a leader and leader’s developer, a speaker, an author and a prolific writer, a researcher and consultant. He invests life, time, energy, resources and money to empowering organizations desiring upward dive to top performance and individuals desirous of fulfilling their destinies, discovering purpose and seeking success towards significance. Mike, as a life coach, team builder, conflict resolutions exponent, motivational maestro, negotiation experts, corporate strategist, an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial developer, invites you to this LeadershipRoundTableHQ. Let’s talk and discuss so as to learn and GROW…


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