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Tracking Intelligent Person In a Crowd – Things Intelligent People Don’t Do, Part 3

There are things intelligent people don’t do. These things can be bases for tracking intelligent people from the crowd. I started looking at it from Part 1. Part 3 is a continuation of where part 2 stopped. So, continue from Part 2


Shocker #5. Smart people don’t hang around either negativity or negative people/place

Who you follow shows what follows you! The company you keep shows what accompanies you (I heard this from my grandfather: Bishop David Oyedepo). It is very true that what and who you spend time with can easily influence you in so many ways, either good or bad. Show me your friends, I tell you who you are, says an adage. Evil Communications corrupts good manners is an ancient Greek Philosophy quoted by Paul the Apostle (HOLY Bible) in Paul’s letter to a Greek city called Corinth. Knowing this, Intelligent people always choose the bright side of life as they always see positivity in whatever they do. They try to avoid negative thoughts, places, and people always because they know that it is a matter of time before they get influenced by these negativities. Negative people are toxic. Please note who hangs around you and vice versa.

Shocker #6. Smart people don’t like revealing their plans or agenda prematurely [before time]

Everyone has a plan of what they want to do in life, events, or cases, even what they intend to do to help humanity. Yet, some people never achieve these goals in the end. Why? Well, that is because they only talk and don’t usually do anything about it. You see, when you have something, you want to achieve, 99 percent of what it takes to make it a reality is work and not words. Smart people know this a lot, and that is why they don’t go about telling whoever cares to listen to their plans because it will make it less likely to be achieved. Caveat: This is not the same as taking a position to declare what you want your life, business, career, ambition, or dream to be. You’re required to craft the vision, set goals, dream dreams, and picture the future you want to feature. This must be written and BOLDLY vocally expressed to put pressure on you to achieve it since you’ve publicized it, otherwise you’ll be cowed down.

So, in summary, wisdom is something that everyone should desire to have in life and you can always learn from the lives of people who exhibit these characteristics.

Mike Ihezuo, helps leaders to succeed, and can do to you too. Reach him on CONTACT.

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