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Tracking Intelligent Person from a Crowd – Things Intelligent People Don’t Do, Part 2

There are things intelligent people don’t do. These things can be bases for tracking intelligent people from the crowd. I started looking at it from Part 1. This Part 2 is a continuation from where part 1 stopped. So, continue from Part 1


Shocker #3. They Don’t Depend Entirely On Others For Help

In as much as they know that no man is an island and you can’t know it all (this is true), yet Intelligent people don’t behave like they know it all. They might ask for your help, but they take on the issue by the horns once they get the clue of what they want. Intelligent people don’t entirely depend on people for financial, emotional, and other needs because they understand that they have the ability to create their own.

Shock #4. Smart People Don’t Fail To Help [Invest In] Others When Necessary

This type of thing is often called investing in a person. When you help someone, chances are that he would not forget in a hurry and you might get rewarded for your actions in the future, not necessarily by the person but by forces of principles set in motion by the CREATOR. Smart people understand that pride can be something that would ruin you sooner or later, so they try to make the best impression and have an impact on other people’s lives, to make others think highly of them.

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