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Things Intelligent People Don’t Do, 1

There are many Things Intelligent People Don’t Do. Period!

In my book, LEADERSHIP IS EVERYTHING, I said that Intelligence is the foremost quality people look for when seeking leaders. This variable is consciousness and consciously sought after. No set of people will like to choose, select, elect, or have appointed leaders who are dunce and unintelligent. Intelligence is the ability to use the mind creatively. The next to Intelligence in this search is EXPERIENCE – proof that the leader has at least done close to or similar assignment in the past. Experience matters. That’s why Nigerian politicians will tell you they’re ‘Tried, Tested, and Proven when most know it’s not true. Anyway, get the book and read it.


Some people are often regarded as intelligent or wise, mostly acquired by association or development.  They were not created or born special, but they developed some special qualities that many people don’t seem to have.

Throughout history, true intelligent people have made the world a better place for all of us through their creative thinking and great minds. You know it. Every innovativeness, creativity, breakthrough, exploitation, and such was born in the womb of Intelligence, and not intellectualism. Intellectualism has its place in research, brilliance – bright scholastically, ability to read and defend in exams. Intellectualism can further deepen Intelligence but intellectualism without Intelligence is mockery.

Please get that book.

With all these echoes of importance attached to Intelligence, you can say that some things make someone to be Intelligent cum wise which you can also learn from. My book contains plenty and how to develop Intelligence (it’s a developable thing, you weren’t born with it. I think I’m shocking you! That’s true.)

But for this blog, let’s take a look at six things intelligent people do not do that make them truly Intelligent indeed (they can be shockers).

Shocker #1. They Don’t Like to Have Too Many Friends

As shocking, amazing, and absurd as this might sound, really intelligent people are indeed content with having a very small circle: of friends, and relationships. Same corollary with leaders. They don’t try to be liked by everyone they meet or make friends with anybody. No. Politicians like making “friends” because they lie about their winning votes. Limiting friendship circles is not to prove that they are proud or arrogant, but because they understand that more people cannot have things in common as friends, hence they choose their friends and circles wisely. Any other person can just be an acquaintance.

Shocker #2. They Don’t Try to Prove Their Intelligence to People           

A popular adage goes like this: ” The empty vessel/barrel makes the loudest (or most) noise”. This is experimentally right and theoretically profound. This simply means that really smart people don’t show off what they know at any opportunity. Instead, most of them pretend like they know nothing and will only put their intelligence on display when needed – when it matters most. You can also notice that most intelligent people behave like introverts at times, as they neither partake in anything that is none of their business nor do they say something they are not sure of. When a man is telling you he’s this and that, he’s not. Be wary of such.

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Space…see you in part 2.

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