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The Process of Great Leadership


There is a road that leads to great leadership. Just like there is a road that leads to a great life, a great company, a great organization, or a great nation. Please a good leader does not mean a great leader. A good leader doesn’t even mean an effective leader. Many good leaders are ineffective. A good leader does not mean a respected leader. Permit me to share with you one of the things I share in my conferences: Great Leadership Is Possible, and Great Company Is Possible. But let me share a few thoughts under the great Leadership stuff I called the Process [Roads] to great leadership. Kouzes & Posner in 1987 started this discourse. The roads are for brevity:

  • 1st – Challenge the process – First, find a process that you believe needs to be improved the most. Challenge it, please.
  • 2nd – Inspire a shared vision – Next in that order, share your vision in words [and in any form including symbolism] that can be understood by your followers. Be pervasive in sharing the vision.
  • 3rd – Enable others to act – Give them the tools and methods to solve the problem. Empower them to be problem solvers.
  • 4th – Model the way – When the process gets tough, get your hands dirty. A boss tells others what to do…a leader shows that it can be done. Show your people how to do the work. Be a doer.
  • 5th – Encourage the heart – Share the glory with your followers’ heart, while keeping the pains within your own. Reward, praise, and celebrate always.

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