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The Power Of Vision, Part 3: Most are in one of these…

Imagine, what if you were at a crossroads…and when you look to your left, you see familiar and safe surroundings? But when you look to your right, the path looks uncertain. Even though it looks uncertain, you also know that path has a lot of thrill, beauty and excitement.

Which would you take?

Most people may not realize it, but they are on one of these paths already.

The first path is the one most everyone is on i.e. one with familiar and safe settings. It’s the one that’s familiar and those who take it live a regular, ordinary life. Are you getting me?

Follow me keenly.

The second path is the one fewer people travel. That’d be the one with the uncertain terrain filled with thrill, excitement, and fulfillment. This sounds biblical!

See the difference, please.

Personally, I think that you’re much more likely to achieve the things you dream about and make a much bigger impact on the world by deciding to take the second path.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to stop and think about which path you’re on right now. Which one have you been taking most of your life? People mostly choose the part of Least Defense or line of Least Resistance. VISIONARIES don’t take line of least resistance or path of least defense.

If you’re on the first path and you’re ready for something a lot different, I want to encourage you to take the second path. There’s a saying, “No matter how far down the wrong path you’ve traveled, turn back”. It’s never too late to do something different. BE DIFFERENT. Maybe you want to start a business, change careers, change businesses, move to a new place, ask someone you know out on a date. It can be anything.

And if you’re on the second path already, I want to encourage you to keep going. Never give up. This path is the one that leads to fulfillment. This is the one that will change the world. It is the one that makes you a man or woman of vision, a pioneer, and a person of vision.

Remember, success is inevitable. If you’re willing to do the work, willing to take action in the world, and you’re willing to work on yourself, whatever vision you craft or goal you set for yourself will happen.

The only mystery is time. Time is going to pass no matter what. Five years is definitely going to go by. Ten years is going to go by and either you’re going to be on that old path where you’re doing the same as you’ve always done.

Or, 10 years is going to go by and you’ll make massive progress towards or surpassed whatever your goals are.

Since time’s going to go by no matter what, why not go down the path that is exciting? Why not go down the path that is fulfilling?

This is path visionaries take.

Take it today.

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