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The Concept Called LEARNING

We learn not every day but at every moment we are disposed to learning and have an opportunity to learn. This opportunity comes because someone is willing (charitable, kind) to dispense knowledge. Many hoard knowledge, others hide, a few communicate, while few share. Which one are you?


Good learners listen to every WORD in a speech or talk and read every LINE in a write-up. It takes humility to learn, not argument.

There’s a SKILL called LEARNING skill. Academics don’t teach it. Many lecturers don’t know it and talk less about teaching it. It’s not in their curriculum, maybe it may be in the Education curriculum (but it’s still academic!!! – if you understand what I mean). You may be a professor without having a Learning skill, or another may be a primary Six holder with a LEARNING skill.

You (I mean everybody) are not gifted to learn but we learn by DELIBERATE EFFORT to develop, evolve, study, and listen. Summed up, to learn is not a GIFT (like your height, stature, where you come from, gift you didn’t bargain for), BUT  to learn is a VICTORY (battle you choose to win, accomplishment you want to make, etc., you fought for it, of course, got it.). Learning skill is a tough skill; the reason being that subskill to Learning skills which include LISTENING, READING, CONCENTRATION, ARTICULATION, ASSIMILATION, and MEDITATION are in themselves all tough skills.

Certification can show you have acquired some Learning but not always true, because we all can maneuver getting a certificate. Simple!!! Isn’t it?

In the equations of Success, LEARNING is variable, but SCHOOLING or Certification is not. That’s why many successful people in business, politics, commerce, entertainment, sports, Leadership, etc., in your town, LG, state, country, and the world didn’t have much classroom/degrees experiences like you (‘acadas’) but your people (‘acadas’) serve them as PA, SA, Accountant, doctors, Secretaries, Letter writers/readers, protocol officers, chefs, food tasters, etc.

Big Question????

Do I learn from every available moment or do I argue?

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