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The Agonies Of Salary Earnings

If you’re not a 7digit salary earner like me, take a look at this analysis and see the agony of a single stream income earner go through especially when the income stream is employment. Never a time in the history of mankind was the advice I gave in my book ‘The Time You Are Livin’ In: Living Successfully in 21st Century‘ become relevant and more eloquent than now. The advice took income postures in advocating passive income streams, working income stream, investment streams, multiple income streams, prep for retirement and what I termed simplification. There, I mentioned of course saving with strong advice. Guys and friends, time are getting more excited and interesting. Just look at this analysis and give me a CALL.

Perhaps, your salary looks big in your eyes – it can look really so if you practice what the entrepreneurial pundit Mike Ihezuo calls MULTIFOCAL streams of reasoning & practice on income generation. See;

Divide your SALARY by 30 days and see what you get (i.e. the number of days in a month and see the funny thing about your salary plan).

For example:

  1. An average level-12 worker in the state government civil service earns NGN 120,000. And this translates to NGN 120,000÷30= NGN 4,000 every day. This is LESS THAN the amount made daily by an AVERAGE HAWKER in the city.
  2. A freshly EMPLOYED GRADUATE BANKER in most NIGERIAN BANKS earns an average of NGN120,000 monthly. So every day, you get NGN150, 000 ÷ 30= NGN5, 000 as the daily value for your work-life. By implication, this is LESS THAN the amount earned DAILY by an AVERAGE DRIVER in d city and in some villages…
  3. If you are a FRESH GRADUATE EMPLOYEE in some oil companies, you earn an average of

NGN300, 000 monthly. So, in a day your WORK-VALUE is NGN300, 000 ÷ 30= NGN10, 000. This is LESS THAN the daily amount earned by an IRRIGATION FARMER supplying vegetables to Lagos MARKETS, a TIPPER CAR DRIVER supplying sand for three BLOCK INDUSTRIES and CONSTRUCTION SITES just 3 times a day and DRIVERS of DANGOTE TRUCKS who have bought off the trucks at scrap value and are using them to convey products between villages and the cities for just five business owners.

Hope you’re getting it? By now, it is sinking down, isn’t it?

And when there is an ISSUE in the FAMILY that requires FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, the DRIVERS, HAWKERS and the rest are looking up to you with a WHITE COLLAR JOB.

I hope you know that PURE WATER SELLERS who own a shop, a pepper soup joint and a small TOYOTA COROLLA car to distribute pure water to five restaurants earn MORE THAN you & WHEEL-BARROW PUSHERS working on contract for three warehouses probably make MORE MONEY than you EACH DAY.

Wake up and be more productive. We should be more proactive, create room for more income and strive to diversify our streams of income.

The earlier you wake up and smell the coffee, the better for you!

Someone right now will say this analysis is too ideal to be true but take your time and do it, you will grasp the crux!!!

But someone will argue that there is no packaging in these non-white collar jobs. I agree intoto, 100%. Not much packaging there but they have more CONTENT; more “kudi”, more “ego”, more “iwai”, more “bread”, more “cash”. Content is the beauty of work, not tie or glamour. Beware of packaging, rather be mor concerned of content.

This is the agony of a salary man.

Mike helps about to retire and those interested to develop multiple streams of income. CONTACT him now.

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