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Ghost Writing, Part 3

How to Become a Ghostwriter In part 2 of this series, after discussing the Benefits of Ghostwriting, the big question was; how do I become a ghostwriter? I postponed the answer to this part 3 now. Let me give this foundational advice, to be a ghostwriter, “THINK LIKE A PRO” – a professional writer, and […]

Ghostwriting, Part 1

What’s GhostWriting? I write letters, speeches, reports, Proposals, tender papers and pre-qualifications, and ad scripts for net-worth individuals for money.  I’ve written 6 books and edited many for people and inserted their names. (I didn’t read English Language or Communications Arts – just University of Personal Development). My pay is the bill. In one, I […]

Ghostwriting, Part 2

Continue from Part 1 Benefits I said that a ghost writer can major in: Screen Writings, Radio/Television Writings, Scripts/Ad Writings, Humor and Comedy Writings, Speech Writings, Business Writings, etc. Now, what are gains of engaging in Ghost Writings? 6 Benefits of Being a Ghostwriter Ghostwriting gigs can be some of the most lucrative in all […]