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Some of My Uncommon Discoveries In Life


See some of my uncommon discoveries in life;

  1. People don’t LISTEN to a speaker; they’re only pretending to, waiting for him/her to finish speaking so that they’ll ask the speaker their stored questions.
  2. People don’t READ between the lines in write-ups, books, or articles. They only read the headline, a few times, flip over, and start REJOINING with what they THINK is already stored long in their heads.
  3. If you give 100 people the same book or article even a WhatsApp write-up to read, research statistics have shown that;
    • 50% (half) just OPEN it, not reading it.
    • 10% Read up to 4-5 chapters or sections depending on the organization of the material.
    • 2% read cover to cover i.e., end to end (just tried, but not enough).
    • 5 (1 in 200, if 100, it means none or 1) takes JUST NOTES. Getting interesting.
    • 1% (i.e., 1 in 1000) take DETAIL NOTES. A place to be.

It’s this 0.1% (i.e., to say 1 in every 1000) that gets the real full juice of every intelligent write-up.

Others make mockery of it after all, they flip over the pages of the book/article.

These OTHERS get the certifications that they’ve read it. Yeah, they did, but they didn’t know it, they didn’t study it, they didn’t experience it.

It is this 1/1000 that is transformed, that gained from the message and wisdom of the Writer.

The same happens in INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGES or SONGS. Ask pastors about their experiences with comers!

Who are these 1 in a 1000?

  1. They’re the accomplished lawyers, doctors, and engineers that their colleagues want to kill/waste because;
  2. They win all cases – FG, SG, LG, and who’s who gets them to defend them because they know, eat, and talk the law. Others are called to Bar; they’re called to LAW. Level no equal!!!
  3. They’re doctors who treat hopeless sicknesses their colleagues write off. They’re being branded to use “means”. Hmmmmm!
  4. They’re engineers who know theory and practical, not only theory and answer designers. They repair engines condemned and do “magic” out of them.
  5. They’re accomplished pastors who DARE / CHALLENGE themselves to believe in God when others are compromising, reading newspapers and going to government houses, instead of studying, MAKING DETAIL NOTES from GOD Leadership and GOD of the Bible. Their colleagues want to kill them and brandish them with negative words too unprintable.
  6. They’re accomplished ENTERTAINERS, actors, musicians, artists. Their colleagues call them prostitutes especially if they’re women, criminals, drug dealers, or men.
Uncommon Discoveries In Life
Uncommon Discoveries In Life

Brother-Man, that’s the way satan configured here.

Adults really don’t change much.

My discovery as a consultant and speaker is that up to 10% do, and 90+% don’t change.

People continue with perspectives and viewpoints they’ve about lives and things right from their FORMATIVE years of adolescence.

The position we hold or comments we make on write-ups are;

  1. 90%+ viewpoints we held since our teenage age in tertiary or secondary/primary schools with
  2. less than 10% of opinion formed as successful careerists and business moguls or strugglers and the content of the write-up we are responding to.

So, we don’t really change much, as we hype it.

But it will be good if we learn to change and change.





Growth—>Meaningful Life.


It makes us mature and not to castigate.

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