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Some Common Erroneous Assertions People Make


how do you see correction?Some common erroneous assertions people make abound.

People make some assertions they’ve not proven by themselves or by people they know. They borrow these statements from time immemorial, ancestors, village people, and most time they call it an adage. The fact is that any phrase, sentence, or statement that is not God’s WORD and you have not verified by thinking over its meaning/application needs to be verified.  Chances are, it could be wrong without you knowing it. Again, that statement if ever correct some time ago, might have outlived its usefulness. Let me share these few with you;

  • Leave politics alone for the politicians

Too many things are too important and heavy to be left to those branded for that. By the way, who brands/tag them? Examples are such as;

  • Marketing is too important to be left to marketers. Every organization’s person should be market conscious of their product or services, hence a marketer of a sort. So, marketing is not for the marketing department, they’re only collating units/dept.
  • Security is too important to be left in the hands of security agents. Everybody is a security agent, and a security adviser of him/herself. So, security agents are not for the military and police, they’re experts/consulting arms.
  • Every person is a public relations/image maker of his organization, and should not be left in the hands of PR managers. So, public relations is not for PR, they’re only collating units/dept.

So, it is to politics. If you understand the place of politics; you will know it is evil on your side to leave politics to politicians. Politics is all comers’ area. Being in politics does not mean you’re a politician, but that you are participating in politics for a reason and have something to bring to the table. We are all political beings. Men and women of all callings please come to politics. Leave politics alone for the politician is wrong, and we will not leave it to politicians.

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Absolute power does not corrupt, talk less of corrupting absolutely. Greed and bad value systems make people corrupt. Corruption from its first mention in the Bible means decay, rottenness in character. Corrupt people know what is right but wrong values tell them to take the shortcut. Greed is the origin of corruption. It is not power that is corrupt. Power is given to protect the position, life, and properties of the leader, not to be abused or messed up. From oriental history to now, power is always a subject of abuse, but it doesn’t mean that power is bad.

Absolute power implies being all-powerful. Power can be abused, and corrupted. Yes! But get it right, the corruption is the making of the bearer, not the inanimate “power”. If a corrupt man wields little power, he will corrupt the little power [himself, already corrupt], so much as he can do to the absolute power if he wields absolute power.  Many monarchs on earth wield absolute powers; they are not saints, but they are neither corrupt nor absolute corrupt, including Moroccan, Jordan, UAE, and UK monarchs [Queen Elizabeth], etc.

What of God, the absolute endless ageless eternal almighty Monarch wielding absolute power? Is he corrupt?

  • All fingers are not equal

This is one of the craziest statements I hear people make: all fingers are not equal. The sizes of your fingers do not show the degree of importance/power the respective fingers wield. All your fingers are as important and as great as the other. You may be surprised to know that your smallest finger size may have more nerve endings than the middle one.

By the way, why do you equate yourself with fingers? Isn’t it self-insulting? No time via The Scripture does God Almighty use such categorization on you. Why are you reducing yourself from the temple of the Holy Spirit to just a finger? You are kings, royalties, and priests, not fingers. Stop the stupidity.

If you’re not doing well, that’s another kettle of fish, but not the reason to call yourself a finger. You hear?

  • Experience is the best teacher

Please don’t experience an accident to know how an accident teaches its victims. Do die first before you know what happened to the dead and where the dead go. Don’t go to prison before you know the price of freedom. You don’t need the experience. Know them by studying, asking questions, observing people and things, and reading books, things, and people. Experience may help a teacher, but not even a good one, a better one, talks less of the best.  The Holy Spirit is the Best teacher. Understand?

  • Heaven helps those who help themselves.

This is the funkiest of all [permit me to use funkiest]. Why can heaven help you if you can help yourself? What’s the extra load on heaven when you’re already okay or know how to be okay? The reverse is also wrong. God didn’t say those statements in His Word. Heaven can only help those who realize their dependence/reliance on God [I guess you mean God by the word “heaven”], who on themselves can’t do much but call upon God [heaven] for intervention, hence they CALL heaven [GOD]. God do not show forth in the battle you do not summon Him.

  • The patient dog eats the fattest meat.

Why are you equating yourself with dog? If that statement ever worked, it is in the remote past, not now. Today, organizations do not promote from the ladder unless all the staff are on the same cadre/qualification and no way to a get better person. Organizations these days can employ someone outside and impose him/her on you to boss you, so your patience will earn you nothing. They may have the need for the qualification. Ask the footballers about the pain of waiting for promotion which never comes instead players are bought from anywhere to give the outcome coaches want.

  • Don’t blow your trumpets or horn your horns.

We were told this in our childhood days, but as we grow we discover the 2000s is the age of promotion. No one gives you attention with your trumpet, honing or promotion. So learn to horn, promote, and trumpet you, your name, company, business, product, services, and whatever you represent. If your titles give you differential treatment, horn it. What of awards, endorsements, and qualifications? No one buys or patronizes you without blowing your trumpet.  It is boosting, not boasting. The two are not the same! Boosting means to help/encourage something to improve/excite WHILE boasting means to talk with excessive pride and self satisfaction about ones achievements, possessions, or abilities/knowledge

To know more, click here or Ad Inquiry. So what do you think about these? Write your comments.

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