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Roles, Duties, Jobs, Responsibilities: Roles Are Not Duties  

Roles are partly played by a person in an activity. Leaders’ roles are certainly not leaders’ functions or duties. Any man standing has many role-plays he plays; perhaps as a father, as a son, as a husband, as a leader, as a follower, as a schoolmate, as an associate or colleague. But this does not suggest the person’s functions or duties. Leaders have duties they perform. I’ve noticed many followers don’t know the duties of their leaders. Some companies’ staff see their MD/CEO as that man who travels and answer telephone calls all-time. Some civil servants see their CEO as one representing the governor/president/chairman. Some CEO see themselves as one having their turn to have a piece of the cake. The worst is that some of these so-called leaders don’t know their duties more than people who pay salaries. QUESTION: How will you deliver as a leader if you don’t know your duties, talk less of knowing your job and have no responsibility? You see why good leadership is far from our society. EXCUSE ME: Do you know these things? Leaders should know their;

  1. Roles.
  2. Duties/Functions.
  3. Jobs.
  4. Responsibilities.

Please note that you cannot PERFORM if you don’t know these. It’s not an evil spirit, it is a knowledge spirit.

Excerpts from Leadership Is Everything by Mike Ihezuo.

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