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Productivity & Profitability 1: Success Key For Impact

People tend to neglect productivity and profitability [P&P] yet they are into various rat races. Productivity [i.e. product-activities] refers to amount of output produced per unit used. It’s a ratio of output to input used in your productions or activities. Ratio here means output is divided by input. You know all of us are producing by series of activities we engage in. What determines how well our actions/products are doing is this ratio of: How good is the output compared to input? If our output is equal to input (i.e. 1 is to 1), it means we are making no profit. If you put in more and get less, it means loss. Do you know some put in and get almost nothing that means productivity is zero? Some put in and get little more than input, which means little productivity. We are expected to input and get a wide range output, this is when our productivity is high. That’s the place to be: welcome. Productivity so, is OUTPUT PER UNIT OF YOUR ACTIVITY. When all output and input are included in the calculation, we call it total productivity. Unit productivity is when one aspect is checked.


Do you CALCULATE your unit productivity at least weekly, monthly and yearly? Wait, I’m just introducing.


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