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Power Of Vision, Part 7: Uniqueness

You see vision comes from God and he has given everyone a UNIQUE vision. Because of vision source you can be rest assured that it is there and can go round uniquely. The problem is for you to unveil it. We are all born and empowered distinctly with unique vision. Do you know your attempt to live a normal life can never satisfy you because you were not created to be “normal”. Not only you but the entire 7.7billion people on earth. Forests can look alike from a distance but not so, all trees that constitute the forest differ drastically. Go close to 5 forests and experiment for yourself. Uniqueness is the nature of God’s creation. As it is in nature, so it is in humanity. Why? God does not want any one person to get lost in the midst of others; that’s why nobody has same iris and fingerprints. That’s why you do biometrics identification. If this is so as it is, why have you not queried the unveiling of your life vision and properly craft it?

You’re not ordinary, not normal, not a batch or not mass- produced; you’re a leader, a creator, one-of-a-kind, maverick, irreplaceable, original (no photocopy or carbon copy).  Imagine!

You know we sing of God, ” There is no one else like you”. Do I shock you? There is no one else like you on earth. That is God architecture (design) for humanity and nature. Go sit and GET your vision for life, career, business, professional, and family. Never fear failing. Satan is an idiot that if he sees what you fear, he uses it against you. Many people I have met in offices as corporate people supposed to be creating wealth not collecting salaries – they lost vision. Most people I have seen on interactions supposed to be governors, president’s, senators, but are not … – wasted vision. The world is suffering much from wasted dreams, visions, grace, talents, abilities, gifts. Wake up. Be visionary.

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