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Power Of Vision, Part 2

Speaking to a gathering of over 500 in Lagos on Saturday 27 January 2018, I told them that it amazed me when I was younger how too much book people like professors count money as accountants for successful business men, how professor become proofreaders of letters and media secretary of politicians. I told them this thing now I know is in VISION, not in in hardworking otherwise labourers would have been the richest people, not in praying otherwise prayer warriors and pastors would have known success more than others, and not on schooling otherwise professors would have been wealthiest BUT certainly in EDUCATION (enlightenment) and others. (Please don’t get me wrong: hard work, prayer and schooling are great. I’m lifetime practitioner of them. It’s just for putting matters straight.)

Sir, see VISION is a terrible FORCE. You, don’t seem get me!!! Vision is a pulling, pushing and centrifugal kind of force all at a time.

Sir, vision make a man to be a CYNOSURE – centre of attraction, a celebrity, a RALLYING point. Vision determines a leader, while responsibility defines his job description – real duties.

In life, the most radical and precious gift given to man is not money (money is in material world), not sight (sight is a function of your one/two eyeballs) BUT the gift of vision. Watch where you are now: many are watching or looking BUT very few are seeing. What are they seeing? Opportunities, Opportunities and Opportunities. These Three things. What of those watching and looking. What are they Watching and Looking? Watching TV, roads, people working or walking, etc., and life is passing!

Nothing noteworthy has ever been achieved on earth without vision.

Imagine that handset or laptop you are using …  can you now thank Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak for visionary pioneering of Apple to develop android operating system.

What of the democracy you’re enjoying? Now thank Aristotle.

What of any thing you can imagine? Now thank the visionary leader that brought it.

Every leader becomes a leader because he/she is visionary.

Hear me now and hear me well; all development and civilization were conceived in visionary womb of someone and were born and developed through the driving FORCE of a leader. This FORCE again. All discoveries – social, economic, political, medical, scientific, etc., owe their lives to vision.

Let me ask you question:

          • What’s your vision especially as you are ready to start now you’ve known vision?
          • What’s your vision for this year? Okay, for rest of the year?
          • What’s your vision?


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