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Many years ago, I used to get flabbergasted on why people struggle to acquire degrees: Bachelor, Master, PhD even Professorship;

  • only to work sometimes for someone without degree/certificate – counting their money as accountant with PhD Accounting, writing and read-proofing their letters as PA with PhD in English Language, organizing their itineraries and protocols as protocol officer/manager with PhD in Public Administration, personal physician with MBBS, etc., etc.
  • only to have graduates produced who get worse than them
  • only to have society not transformed by hype [:extent/degree of hype] of theories and researches.
  • and on and on.

This was until I found:

  • that learning in itself without propelling and directed VISION makes people to crawl instead of running and flying.
  • that people follow VISION, men of vision a.k.a LEADERS and STRUCTURE, but more importantly they follow VISION.

People don’t follow men of knowledge as good as knowledge is especially when the knowledge lacks a propelling VISION. This is why a professor can teach the law of comparative advantages, economic scale of preferences, opportunity cost, yet he’s poor because the prof lack the vision to propel his

(1) personal advantages,

(2) his topmost preferences and

(3) forgo things (opportunity cost of the chosen items) and be great, rich and powerful.

His students yell him: Prof, Prof and Prof Emeritus and they finish and graduate and become poorer and more miserable than their teacher.


Energy is Contagious, Infectious. Poverty and Richness is a communicable ‘disease’. That’s another Law in Life.  You become who you follow OR admire. This Law of Association makes this abundantly clear.

VISION separates, distinguishes and highlights.

What can I say more here? CALL or GET MY BOOKS.

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