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Persistence, Part 2

Mike Ihezuo S;peaks

The problem with the road to success is that many people picture {IMAGINE, FOCUS} only the destination {THE END}, not the journey {THE PROCESS}. When they do that, they only not fail to see that true success is not a destination – THE END, target a lifelong process [- LESSONS, MEANS], but they also fail to see the potential problems that routinely occur when striving for success. This means when problems do occur, the unprepared person is stopped dead in their tracks. In their confusion, they forgot where they were going DESPITE THEIR FOCUS and why and instead head back to where they came from. WHY IS IT SO, MIKE?

Problems have overwhelming tendencies to DISTRACT and EMASCULATE their unsuspecting, unprepared prey. This is what you do or better CORRECT during the time of your persistence. The problems came because you didn’t imagine/anticipate them hence you made no preparation to cut them off from the bud.

Get my book: The Time You Are Livin’ In: Living Successful In 21st Century.

It is an excerpt from there. What’s your comment, please.

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Dr Mike Ihezuo

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Mike is a leader and leader’s developer, a speaker, an author and a prolific writer, a researcher and consultant. He invests life, time, energy, resources and money to empowering organizations desiring upward dive to top performance and individuals desirous of fulfilling their destinies, discovering purpose and seeking success towards significance. Mike, as a life coach, team builder, conflict resolutions exponent, motivational maestro, negotiation experts, corporate strategist, an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial developer, invites you to this LeadershipRoundTableHQ. Let’s talk and discuss so as to learn and GROW…


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