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Mind Your Public Utterances, Part 1


Your public utterances matter much. Be careful of your utterances.

In 2000, a lawyer [name withheld] took a sitting government House of Assembly to the high court challenging her of condoning certificate inconsistency of the chief executive of the state, the executive governor, which the house of assembly condoned.

The case made several headlines news nationally at that time, especially after the sack of the first House of Representatives Speaker on the ground of the infamous Toronto certificate saga, which proved that the erstwhile 1999-2000 Honourable Speaker had a case of certificate forgery.

The sitting governor’s name (name withheld) and case at that time were everywhere in the public domain and he used his executive power powerfully, yet the legal icon was undaunted and dogged. The year was 2000 [or thereabout]. Today is 2022 ending i.e., twenty-two years have gloriously transpired, rather passed.

Today, the undaunted icon, the legal luminary, the chief tormenter of the executive governor in those days is made the chief marker, chief promoter, lead brander, and chief spokesman on who he was once a tormentor of, arch adversary around 2000 and in nationwide.

My question is: what has changed from 2000 to 2022, apart from 00 to 22?  

I guess the things that have changed can afford some Public Administration, Political Science, Government, and Administration scholars of BA, MSc, MA, MPA, & PhD, a project, thesis, and dissertation topics and research. What has changed can deepen our academic discourse and research on political and legal development marketing in Nigeria – my personal opinion.

So, with all sincerity and interest (not curiosity), I wish to study what has changed from a one-time de-marketer of a product [sitting governor] to an avid, akin, apostolic marketer of the same person [ex-governor, and now a presidential candidate of a ruling party] to succeed the incumbent.

Some years ago, around 2013-2014, a senator-to-be, on a campaign ground was cursing or making a curse-prohibitive statement “tufiakwa”, (interpreted [Igbo], abomination, God forbids). He pronounced, declared, proclaimed, and decreed “tufiakwa”, to a political party, one of the African largest, if not the African largest political party at least as at that time, 2013-2015. That was a heavy de-marketing, demeaning, degrading, dehumanizing, and reductive statement prior to the 2015 General Election in Nigeria.

Today, 2022 i.e., 7-9years after, that same ex-senator, senator [name withheld] is the chief spokesman, the chief marketer of the same party he equated to be an abomination and the presidential flag bearer of the same party in 2022…seeming character inconsistencies.

How can he marry the inconsistencies in his utterances? How can he do the magic? What has changed in the ruling party of 2013 which is the leading opposition party in 2022? Another research question (RQ)!

Okay, leave the parties out. Leave Nigeria out. What has changed in the characters, tastes, lives, careers, business, pursuits, visions, missions, aspirations, and inspirations of the two actors in cases 1 and 2? Leave aside these 2 actors, let us face you & me.

Leadership Implications to Unguarded Utterances.

Let’s leave at the two [2] I cited in cases 1 and case 2, of course, I hid their names. These facts are clear of them;

= They’re leaders, influencers, opinion molders, and opinion shapers.

= They’re comfortable and rich, hence not hungry, uncertain, or desperate for the next meal

= They’re new markers; the media hunt for their sneezes, coughs, and yawns.

= They’re in government or can influence government, society, and institutions of government that be. A man suing a state House of Assembly by 2000 can’t be my mate in wealth creation, and a man being in the senate is not a moi-moi man.

= They were “employed” in what they were doing then and are employed now.

= etc.

If they are leaders (which they are, rich (which they are), and have jobs, I want to talk to leaders who follow me or learn from my fountain via my website, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Books, TV, Podcasts, and Mentorship programs. We, all are leaders. The matter is not, about them, but about us all, leaders. They’re;

= we, leaders need to have a good education, and enlightenment for working on leadership, government, society, and or systems we are leading or in it. This can make us fair in public issue commentaries and campaigning to avoid licking our vomits.

= we, leaders should know it is not good to start a battle you can’t continue to the end. Leaders don’t withdraw ANYHOW! Leaders understand that leaders’ word can be law or enactment.

= we, leaders should need as matter of urgency a good grip on emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence equips/enables leaders to know beyond themselves, but about others’ feelings. Beyond ei, leaders need a heavy dose of SI (Social Intelligence) and CI {Cultural Intelligence).

From careful deduction, the 2 actors here have a shortage of Ci (Cultural Intelligence) and Si (social intelligence) shown in not understanding the culture of the people they resurfaced to market a one-time de-marketed candidate and political party. Leaders, be intelligent about norms and standards, socialization, and the feeling of others.

= we, leaders should have strong values systems, placed more than the wealth, riches, and jobs they’ve. I believe most of the people offering to lead us have one common thing they’re lacking. That thing is not knowledge of leadership, people, problems, and solutions. It is not skill, but it is a leadership VALUES system to match the knowledge and skill they’ve.

Case studies 1 and 2 showed that values can change by the dangling of a job, which will yield money (rich) which can create wealth and power. Leaders, let’s sell all we have and buy VALUES, what matters most to us individually.

= leaders’ character is the greatest asset of a leader. If character is a determining TEST, a litmus test for a leader [which it is so], leaders must have good character. Character is a smear rubbed, rubbed off, being rubbed on your real persona. Inherent and interred in character is the virtue & value called CONSISTENCY.

A leader doesn’t say something in 2021, and in 2022, he changes it. If he made a mistake in his viewpoint in 2021, and changes it and wants to correct it in 2022, there is a window for open withdrawal of the mistakes, mostly through the same or similar ways, channels, and platforms to the same audiences. The withdrawal must be 100%, and fully apologetic, not justifying any point.

A leader’s character is more important than his job. The character makes him the leader which is more permanent than the salary or job he makes in a vocation, which is temporal. Be careful leaders of your public utterances!

Let me stop here, and jump to the last number





Leaders’ words go too far than the leader can go all through his lifetime. Today we quote Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Roosevelt, Socrates, Adolf Hitler, Aristotle, Plato, etc., even where we’re. Those men did not or couldn’t have come to where you’re now, but their words got there. They are dead. Their words live.

“Be careful of your utterances”, warns Dr. Mike https://mikeihezuospeaks.net.

You can CALL.

What do you think?

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