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Managing Criticism

Leaders can naturally bank on these two truths; criticism always changes the good leader and poor leaders attack the point person [the criticizer] instead of looking at the issue. Criticism can be a tool for amendment and of a leader knowing his scorecard. The challenge is that most leaders can’t handle criticism. They see it as a threat, hence should be treated as insurgence and the criticizer as insurgent.

How Should Leaders Handle Criticism?

  1. Leaders should understand difference between constructive and destructive criticism. Constructive criticism is called critiquing.
  2. Leaders should look beyond the criticism but face the specific issues raised in the criticism squarely.
  3. Leaders should concentrate on their assignments, and change from their mistakes highlighted in the criticism instead of being on an ego trip.
  4. Leaders should guide their attitudes towards the critic, let it be non-destructive but sportsmanly.

Leaders, please, manage criticism profitably.

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