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Lessons From Footballers Cum FIFA World Cup

Sometimes, I wonder whether people who watch soccer matches do see the things I see. I do see full bodied men throw their weights and strengths to be in control of a round leather object (ball). People shout in excitement of strength, goals and skills.

But I wonder and ask: do people know that same vigour, skills, veracity and strength (“spirit “) they see footballers display in order to win can be displayed in other areas of life? Life and its endeavours can be replicated.

  • Imagine students replicating same spirit in ACADEMICS?
  • Imagine leaders replicating same spirit in LEADERSHIP?
  • Imagine employees replicating same spirit in WORKPLACE?
  • Imagine job seekers replicating same spirit in JOBSEARCH?
  • Imagine business startups replicating same spirit in BUSINESS?
  • Imagine our politicians replicating same spirit in GOVERNANCE?
  • On and on and on…

I can now see an economy buoyant, progressive and developed (not just developing) society. Something seems to have eaten the psyche of our people. They can shout on what goes on football pitch but not what goes on in;

  • workplace
  • polity
  • personal life, etc.

The vigour of excitement and strength display ONLY to win is teaching me joy of winning, victory and been a champion. Friends, this can be replicated in other areas of lives. I’ve chosen to do so. Do Same Now!!!

Speaker Mike Ihezuo

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Dr Mike Ihezuo

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