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Learn to Ask Questions

See, concerning questions, you may not like the answers, but at least you’ll know, that’s why it is good to Learn to Ask Questions. Most of the world’s problems can be laid firmly at the feet of assumptions. Many assume too much. If we assume then, in effect, we think we know, but we don’t. We assume that our bit of faulty information is a fact, and things go on getting worse. Imagine! We assume that other people like our plans, but they don’t, and it all goes pear-shaped. Better to ask questions right from the start of a transaction, deal, or relationship and know what’s what or what’s up.

Why the Questions?

  • Questions help clarify the situation.
  • Questions put people on the spot, which means they must think—and thinking is always a good and healthy thing for everybody about everything.
  • Questions help people clarify their thoughts.
  • Questions demand answers, and answers require the situation to be thought through, to its logical conclusion.

Don’t rush to decisions you didn’t think through, via questions. Take your time.

Someone said and he’s right, “The better you understand the beliefs, actions, desires, and wants of others, the more likely you are to make the right response, alter your thinking where necessary, and generally be successful.”

Learn to Ask Questions.
Learn to Ask Questions.

Asking questions gives you time to think, and buys you breathing space. Rather than flying off the handle because you think you know the situation, it’s better to ask a few questions and find out the truth. You’ll be better equipped to respond logically, calmly, and correctly.

Do this in your careers, businesses, ministry, and life: ask questions. Never be in haste not to. It can be a safety valve for safety and protection to you.

You can always tell the real winners in life; they’re the ones asking questions while others are reacting, panicking, misinterpreting, assuming, losing control, even losing sleep (as one-party chairman in Nigeria is fond of saying), and generally behaving badly.

Ask questions of yourself constantly. Ask why you think you’re right—or wrong.

Ask yourself why you are doing certain things, want other things, or follow a particular course of action. Question yourself firmly and rigorously, because maybe there isn’t anyone else doing it. And you need it. We all do. It keeps us from assuming we know what’s best for ourselves.

And, of course, there is a time to stop asking questions—of others and ourselves. You must know when to back off. All this takes a long time to learn, and we all make mistakes as we go.

Dr Mike Ihezuo is a leadership authority, who helps leaders to succeed. He can help you and can be reached via this CONTACT.

Ask questions.

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