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Leading From Where You Are: Character


This is leading from where you are: Character. This is part 3 of this series. Character is first in the school of change.

It was William Wiersbe who said, If God puts something in my hand without first putting something in my heart, then my character will lag behind my accomplishments and that is surely the way to ruin.” Leading from where you are: Character is real. It is powered by many factors. Character is the first in the school of change.

leading from where you are
leading from where you are

Character is the first order of business if we are to create lasting change. If we want true transformation, then we must build strong character. It is a character that sustains us and qualifies us for lasting success. It is a character that allows us to endure through the winds of change, through fortune and famine, through the ups and downs. It is by building strong character that we can win the day and the end of each day no matter what our situation and circumstances look like!

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