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Leadership Conundrum


It is unfortunate leadership has continued to fail in our society, this is a terrible leadership conundrum.

Our public institutions and government agencies cannot be proudly said to exemplify leadership, or compelled people to be law-abiding citizens.

Our corporate/business organizations are not spared from bad leadership practices. On 22nd March 2024, an oil service company Chief Executive called my attention to the fact that no company in Nigeria had existed over 50 years the way they were 50 years ago. We started naming companies and discovered it’s true. None ever. Too appalling. Real businesses are not done. Real economics are not played out through the forces of market demand and supply.

Most families [that is the smallest units of society] are “leaderless”. They only have a breadwinner, not a leader.

Most ministries [not all] are challenged badly. Comparably, it is in these ministry areas that you see/notice better examples of growth cum leadership than other sectors going by their ability to live purpose [mission, assignments], and mandate.  Churches and ministries excel in their industry more than [people in] other sectors excel. Yet people in the ministries are the same people working in the other sectors. If industries’ captains, business magnates, and institutions, can humbly study the leadership secrets of these ministries, they can learn some principles the ministry leaders practice, and their industries can flourish. Please principles are the same, but practices differ, depending on areas of application. Principles are made to be copied. If you see ministry A is excelling you can copy it into your business organization and vice versa, perhaps with the help of consultants to tune up one or two things.

Our educational institutions are case for another day…not strong enough to handle the present world reality.

Our political leadership is bizarre, the way we get into leadership positions is flawed. In the leadership seat, they do nothing to improve their capacities, skills, and knowledge than to politic and keep amassing the commonwealth of all into private purses or pockets. That’s where the improvement happens – in the pockets and purses [bank accounts].  The tenures are wasted in the competition of who amassed more money [not wealth, note please] than the other political peer, or amassed among the past occupants and present occupants.

As it happens in government, it is in private and public sectors. This case scenario is worse in Africa than in any part of the globe because our public institutions are too weak.

Unionism, or unionists’ government is sometimes overburdened because of bad leadership of the team as the day’s unionism acceptability seems fledging thin. Union leadership most times comes under brutal attacks of following [same] union leaders. Faction team leaders can create fracas, fight themselves, dilute the leadership strength, become conflict-ridden, be bought over by the enemy’s camp, politicized and over-politicized, and finally sap their energy through litigations and conciliations.  Another time, it is from union members accusing their union leaders of compromises, being settled, and not unnecessarily radical to lose their lives at nothing fighting the powers that be. These followers forget to be rational and reasonable. This mistrust from followership always makes leading uncomfortable and unreal, despite sacrifices somebody at times might be making.

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