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Leaders Stop Cuddling Up


Leaders cuddling upManagers, and leaders without leadership spirit and skills will always and above all else seek to be liked, cuddling up. Too bad! Rather than holding people accountable such title-leaders let them off hook. They give the impression that everything is well, even to nonperformers. They’re leaders who seek approval rather than respect. Sometimes, our society encourage it. At some quarters, it’s sycophancy. Please, leaders stop cuddling up.

But this habit has a dare consequence: It leads to lack of trust in workplaces among the workforce… and lack of trust and lack of commitment are the duo  commonest issues in employees surveys.  But you and I know who suffers most in such organization; it’s the organization cum the employers.

Please a true leader does not focus first on trying to be liked. Being liked is not a vision, neither a dream nor goal. It’s not even a strategy or mission, so what will a manager  be seeking to be liked at the expense of his job: allocation of organization’s resources to areas of need or vision.  A true leader in this contest focuses on leadership practices and communication that breed to being respected. Respect is a great tool in the hand of a leader to COMMAND influence. Respect is a law in the school of leadership. Liking someone doesn’t motivate, but respecting someone motivate. Please follow me intently. Respect is a proof or index of likeness or love. A true leader doesn’t try to become everybody’s paddyman, pal, buddy, although he has no interest or gain making himself hated. (Get me well.).

A true leader is not overly concerned with being liked.
A true leader leader is even willing to engage in uncomfortable conversation in order to be straight and thorough.
A true leader sees this aspect of leadership in every serious, adult terms and does not try to downplay responsibility for leadership.
A true leaders do not try to form inappropriate private friendship with members of the team they’re paid to lead.
A true leader enjoys all the privileges and elements of accountability and responsibility, and transforms performance management and measurements into above board business exploit.

Wow, hope managers and bosses have learnt something. Let me stop here.

Mike Ihezuo helps organizations, groups and teams and individuals find their feat in workplaces. reach him on https://mikeihezuospeaks.net/meet-mike-live.



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