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Leaders Ought Not Lack Discernment


So, David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samuel 12:13)

Like Prophet Samuel before him, the prophet Nathan served as a leader to leaders. God used Nathan to correct his erring leader. One of the erring leader was David, the king. Nathan could act as he did because of his keen, God-given discernment. Leaders cannot be without discernment.

Most leaders we have in Nigeria and Africa cannot discern fake and false aides. Therefore, sycophancy and eye service sell in our society like a hot cake.

Discernment goes deeper than knowledge. It can resemble intuition, another great skill a leader needs to have. At times, discernment is a gift; at other times, it results from much experience. Discernment brings a profound perception of what is occurring or happening, either on the outside or the inside of a person.

When a leader lacks discernment his ministers, aides, appointees even other elected officers take advantage of it and sabotage the government or management.

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