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Leaders Cause All Problems


All problems are caused by leaders. All solutions (can) come from leaders…and that means if the leaders are serious and sincere about solving the problems – leaders cause all problems.

Please try to understand that all troubles, problems, challenges, and adversities are caused by leaders DIRECTLY and or INDIRECTLY. From the family level to United Nations (UN) level, wherever leaders are. And everyone is a sort of a leader at one level to the other, whether parent, elder brother or sister, teacher, manager, boss, pastor, employer, governor, president, etc! Leaders cause all problems!

leaders cause all problems

Please note that;

+ Leaders have reasons they cause problems.
+ Leaders have reasons they allow problems to be UNRESOLVED or UNSOLVED i.e. subsist.
+ Leaders have reasons they solve problems when they choose to solve them.
+ Leaders have situations when they cannot help than to solve problems whether they like to solve the problems or not. And that situation is when the people or followers overwhelm the leaders, compel or prevail on them to solve the starting problems. Most time followers are weak, lazy, lousy, and indolent to push for this compulsion on leaders, to solve problems. This is especially in the developing world than developed world where followers hold their leaders accountable and force them to be responsible.

The problems are caused by (or due to) leaders;
– IGNORANCE (lack of adequate knowledge),
– WISDOM (lack of right application of right knowledge),
– SKILLS (lack of UNDERSTANDING of workability of leadership essentials) and
All problems in my country and elsewhere are ordinarily NOT caused by things whether it is:

* a bag of rice skyrocketing to N40,000,
* dollar exchange at N880 likely going to N1000 per U$D
* petrol pump price N200/litre going  N600/litre.
* terrific rising cost of living,
* astronomic jumping inflation,
* rising interest rates,
* killings,
* banditry,
* kidnapping, or
* security failures.

Note, these don’t cause problems as politicians deceive us to believe. You see;

+ lack of farmlands, farmers, and farming. It’s not!
+ lack of money. It’s not! Money is printable and is everywhere people are -critical law of Money.
+ lack of dollars. It’s not! Dollars are sought after in 208 countries and territories of the world. It is not a lack of Naira either. What we characteristically lose every through stealing, theft, leakages, unproductiveness, extravagancy, etc., can finance our annual budget without needing external borrowing to finance our budgets.

It is a leadership problem? CBN governor, #1 Banker said that over 80% of currency is outside the vault of the banks. Whose fault? Me? Or leaders in charge of currency and banking? So, what are we talking about?
+ too many light weapons (guns) are on the land. Is not.
+ lack of enough security officers like the army, navy, air force, civil defense, DSS, etc. It’s not. Well over 50% of police officers are attached to politicians and big men and their families. Half of the less than 50% of the police are on the roads. A little number of police are in police stations doing the policing.  Parallel things may be existing in the other security groups.
+ collapsed educational and health care sectors, etc. It’s not.
+ Climate change. Never. It’s not. The climate didn’t only change in your country. It did change in 196 independent countries of the world or 208 countries and recognized territories by the UN. By the way, climates, weather, and all seasons since 7000+ years ago have been changing. The earth was created about 7000 years ago by The Creator. This wasn’t the exact environment Adam and Eve were placed in, yet, it’s the same Earth. Everything has changed. So, the problem isn’t Change, It’s leadership. In 2012, my country had a devastating flooding menace that the economy lost billions of Naira. Lives and properties were lost. Meteorologist experts warned against it before it happened. The government of the day didn’t do enough in seeing that budgeted ecological funds were deployed towards averting the episode. The flooding came and ravaged the land. Ten years after, 2022, now under another president, Bihari, worse wastage and losses happened compared to 2012 happened. Is it climate change? Wait 2023 will come, another will happen and nothing will be done to prevent that 2032, 2042, 2052… Can something be done to stop it? Experts said, “yes’. Why were 2012, and 2022 not done? Leadership Carelessness, Leadership NEGLIGENCE, Leadership Carelessness (it doesn’t matter… what matters is politics). From Day One of government Tenure to Day Last, it’s politics all the way, no-good governance.

Followers are made to believe lies because they, themselves don’t know or understand the Concepts of Leadership and what belongs to them. Leaders are always “smarter” than followers when it comes to sharing their commonwealth.  They played on people’s education and poor education… that’s why they can’t allow functional education to work so that people don’t get properly informed and rightly educated.

Everything happens because something makes it happen and everything continues in uniform motion unless compelled by an external or higher force to accelerate or decelerate (change). I have just quoted to you in paraphrase Isaac Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion.

About to Go

Problems are not caused by followers (people), climate change, or whatever. All problems are leaders made. – Mike Ihezuo. This is wrong knowledge and the leaders that pedal it know they’re DELUDING the people. “The leader’s carelessness, carefreeness, negligence, and the likes EMPOWERS the followers to exacerbate the problems leaders have caused”. – Mike Ihezuo

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Dr. Mike is an authority in Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Success Motivation, and a Consultant in Management. Know more about Mike Ihezuo.

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