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Knowledge, Knowing and Know-how, Part 1

Mike Ihezuo S;peaks

Knowledge, Knowing and Know-how are key elements in the school of living.

I treasure knowledge. I cherish it. KNOWLEDGE is one of the three things I canvass and sell to my world because of my conviction that if people know [to know is the same as ‘have knowledge’];

  1. people can’t walk in darkness (anytime someone walks in error or darkness, there is insufficient light, and light comes from knowledge),
  2. people can’t be under/buried for long
  3. people will have a great flight as a result of light received via knowledge, and the
  4. people can rule their world.

I believe knowledge is ‘not’ power, BUT a “potential” power. You may not believe it but it is true! I know many professors who know how to manage/administrate someone’s businesses who CANNOT manage a photocopy & typing shop, given the challenge to do it. They KNOW, yes, the principles of Business Administration, but are POWERLESS in practice. They know (“which many say is power BUT I say it today to you that knowledge is a potential power”) BUT the professors are powerless.

The other two things I sell to my world besides knowledge are SKILLS and IDEAS. They are the missing links between the potential power and true power, between what the ‘professor’ knows AND what he accomplishes.


You can’t DELIVER without being a person of ideas. You can’t be ABOVE without being an idea generator. Yeah, idea generator, idea creator. You know idea rules the world, not money. Do you think I’m lying? Ask Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, MTN, Glo, etc. You know sometimes, people preach to people, motivate them: AROUSE them without settling the arousals and them, and go and come back another time meeting the people they talked to remaining blank as if they didn’t hear what was preached/motivated the last time. This is where the different maker comes in when looking for a consultant, keynote, inspiration and motivation teacher.


As for SKILLS, skills are like TRUTH. The two can be buried, but not forever. You can’t have skills and be down for too long or forever. 

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Dr Mike Ihezuo

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