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Key To Profit, Part 1

Today’s organizations especially in Nigeria suffer great threats from different sides.

Externally it’s from;

  1. turbulent operating environment
  2. unprecedented competition from outside
  3. harse economic policies.

Internally, it’s from;

  1. predominantly incompetent leadership
  2. lack of commitment from workforce
  3. attitudinal challenges to work & productivity
  4. [un]ease of doing business.

You can notice I didn’t mention machine, materials and money, but manager (supposed leader) and manpower.

See, here organizations’ resources are WRONGLY allocated [MAL-allocated] or MIS-allocated;

  1. to transactions rather than RESULTS
  2. by what is difficult rather than what is PRODUCTIVE
  3. by yesterday’s problems rather than today’s & tomorrow’s OPPORTUNITIES.

As a corporate advisor, speaker, a human capacity developer and change leader, I’ve talked to managers on manpower development, not even training (as I teach that organizations need manpower development not training per se) and I beard them say, “we choose our training interest based on last year’s PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS”. That’s referencing PMS.  I always ask them, “why not base your training or MPD needs on the VISION or strategy direction of your organizations?” Wow! Few repent but majority say management have already thought it so and pinched their tents, not having this other side of view.

Tell me why such companies will thrive in a competitive world that is a GLOBAL VILLAGE where a Chinese company sells a product in your very village while your products have not come out of farmland or mill. A shame to corporate/economic consciousness of ours!

Tell me why those companies managers will not nosedive into oblivion, and afterwards characteristically blame the political space, and the present political actors will blame the last administration, and last administration did blame the 35 years of military regime in Nigeria. Nonsense: blame, blame, blame!!!

It’s not only in our Nigeria political space we have bad leadership, we have the worst in Nigeria corporate organization and institutional management cum leadership. If corporate/institution leadership have been managed well, politicians would have used them to change the nation.

Please don’t be angry with me: are not over 70% of our honourable ministers taken from private sectors? Why can’t they change the nation? Answer: because they couldn’t change the organizations they were taken from.

Question: Is there anything wrong with a black man that he can’t lead? Hint: keep a date with me on part 2. You can also CONTACT.

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