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Keeping Your Vows


The majority of humanity is not self-equipped to remember or implement their vows. Many don’t remember the day when they were in pain, need or want help after they have come out from such a condition. Vows are more than promises, but let’s treat the two as the same for sake of this post. Not keeping vows is a human defect, weakness or nature, not just intentional. It is a challenge that needs conquering. It takes only a man whose real man [spirit] has conquered his self-man [flesh] to remember to keep promises and vows he made to himself when in real need, pain or wants help.

A patient would say, “if I can come out of this sickbed, I will [I will = I promise to] serve God all my days.”

But the moment God gives the healing or cure, the sick walk out and walks into celebration.  That’s the end.

A politician will say, “if I can win this election, I will [I promise to] love my people – water them, electrify them, cross the ocean for them, do everything for them.”

Immediately after the election umpire declares the politician a winner, he changes his phone contacts, put armed security on his gates and doors, and develop forms for visitors to fill out at receptions and security post to see the one-time desperate politician. He could travel out with his girlfriends, wife or side-chicks. Those that did the campaign works are forgotten…breaking a vow!

A contractor will say, “if God can help me get this contract, I will [I promise] at the point of payment, I will pay beyond the tithe on the spot, give pastor or those that prayed for me this and that, etc.

Immediately the contract is awarded, finished and paid for, of course, it goes into the bank, the contractor hires a hotel suite for his babies and gets friends in the titles of PAs, left home of course, or sometimes travels to Dubai, and or Europe to “enjoy life”. What of the tithe? Charity? Etc.? “Don’t disturb me!”, he would say. “It’s unconquered human nature”, not ordinarily his fault.

A childless couple can say, “if God can hear our prayers and give us even only one child, we will give it back to God as Samuel who was returned to God by her mother, Hanna, to the service of God under Judge, Prophet and Priest Eli in the temple of God at Shiloh.”

Immediately that child comes by the mercies and goodness of God, it becomes a god or goddess to the parents. Nobody touches the child; both God or human, talk less of allowing the child to know that there is God. The vow is forgotten.

A business partner seeker will say, “let’s work together to get this business done and get paid, our lives will be changed together.”

Immediately the two or more partners do that work, the person the money is paid into his account disappears, reinforces and resurfaces and takes part of the money to hire a lawyer to lie to defend him. Some will hire police or army to deal with their business partners who will ask for their own share of the business booties, for just asking for their legitimate share of the spoil/booties. After all, the one money paid into his account has the cash in his coffers to deal with insurrections.

A student in a tight corner to finish academic programme petitions to God, “if you will [normal 2nd person pronoun] allow me to seal this final year exam, I will [promise to] be most grateful.”

Immediately God allows him or her the privilege, and she/he will over-celebrate without giving God thanks and praises, instead dancing, and drinking in a stupor. Several students have gotten into lifetime trouble such as infection or poisoned on the night of their last day’s exam more than ever before. Vow or God is forgotten.

Implications of Quick Vows to Us All

These bring me to my message: be consistent with yourself when you’re in pain and need and want help with yourself afterwards. TRAIN yourself to learn and ADAPT to being a vow “keeper”, more than a vow maker. Reduce the tendency to make promises or vows. As much as possible, be seldom making promises or vows. It is far better you don’t make vows/promises than making just one and breaking it.

Whatever you promise God to do when in pain, need and want help, do it afterwards.

Whatever you promise people to do when in pain, need and want help, do it afterwards.

These earn you TRUST. Trust is earned. To know More or advertise via Ad Inquiry.

What do you think?

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