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Integrity & Leadership, Part IV

continued from part 3.

So, most of us agree with Samuel Johnson that integrity without knowledge is not only bad, but it is weak and useless. This cannot be compared with knowledge without integrity, which is DANGEROUS and DREADFUL. Most problems we have in the world today is not just knowledge, it is integrity to go with the knowledge.

  • A man knows the beauty of allowing the Will of the people to stand/speak for them in the electioneering process, yet lack of integrity tells him to thwart it, even if the aggrieved goes to court, they can buy the judges and courts! That’s an integrity problem.
  • A man knows that the recommendations he is making is selfish and for his purse only, he goes on to mortgage the destiny of millions. That’s an integrity problem, not knowledge.

Every day we see it in the corporate world, governance, research, etc.

Integrity is consistency in methods.                                                    

Integrity is consistency in format and form.                                               

Integrity is consistency in principle.                                                        

Integrity is consistency in the outcome.                                                                                  

Integrity is consistency in values.                                                               

Integrity is consistency in measures.                                                                     

Integrity is consistency in expectations; and                                             

Integrity is consistency in standing by your spoken word.

There’s no difference between spoken word and sworn word where there is INTEGRITY. [This is my message to leaders as leaders’ developer.] I think now you can know why most of our people don’t have integrity. They rationalize it that way because since they don’t have integrity, no other person has. Now, you know better, live right: HAVE INTEGRITY.


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