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Innovation: Success Key#2 In Recession 

Innovation is the implementation of a new or significantly improved product, service or process that creates value for business, government, or society. This is what we call innovation: implementation of a new/significantly modified, improved or corrected ‘thing’ intending to create value plus [more value] for humanity. The key metric [measure] in both creativity and innovation is value creation. Again, innovation is IMPLEMENTATION-ACTION. Innovation is possible because there is CREATIVITY. There is no innovation without creativity. Innovation dovetails from creativity. Both are disciplines of their own. In nations that know what they are doing, INNOVATION and CREATIVITY are taken as a course or as two courses by students.  Questions: to what extent are you creating values in your life and business? To what extent as a leader? How innovative are you as a leader? As a business owner? As a model and life coach? Let me make a monumental statement (don’t fight me yet!): CREATIVITY IS THE MOST CRUCIAL FACTOR FOR FUTURE SUCCESS. How creative is your company, ministry/parastatals, church/ministry, institution, union, etc. [You can now see how success will elude them if they FAIL to be creative?

But how can they be creative if someone like me doesn’t open their eyes to it]? You are still there, I hope? I Can Help You Talk to Your Organization, JUST CALL NOW.

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