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In Search For New Leaders, Part 2: Our Productivity Is Damn Low

Hear from the father of modern Management, Peter Ferdinand Drucker,

“the great challenge to management (I add: leadership) is to make productive the tremendous new resource, the KNOWLEDGE WORKER. This is rather than the productivity of MANUAL WORKER. This is the KEY (key: ‘unlocker’, ‘unleasher’, access giver, power, way-out. Key is more than a padlock) to economic growth and economic performance in today’s society”.

Our society is grossly unproductive, and each election time politicians come and package themselves, speak “political” grammar and share money and nobody ask how do we RAISE THE BAR OF PRODUCTIVITY so that majority of our people can be empowered by economic activity. Sir, its serious economic activity that makes for economic growth and performance in the world.

Some of the criteria our people use in voting someone into political office be it legislature or executive are;

  1. Can the politician share the bigger money since all politicians will share money.
  2. Who will pay their children school’s fees? What a madness? What concerns a political leader with paying school’s fees? But, that’s the painful reality. Visit any politician in his office or house and see lineup of people asking for rent, fees, meals, drinks, unimaginable things. Some can and even do ask the politicians (don’t ask me to mention names) to take their wives as girl friends on loan for appointing me PA.

Why? Why all these?

Answer: Unproductivity. Our people are too unproductive. If you’re productive like most of us, you won’t give a damn. Election time, many touts, employed and underemployed youths relocate to villages or nearby constituency for political activism to raise money from poli-juggernauts. It would have been productive if they would have contested or negotiated who should MAKE PRODUCTIVE THE TREMENDOUS NEW RESOURCE, THE KNOWLEDGE WORKER, THE SCHOOL LEAVERS, THE GRADUATES, and THE IDEA CHAMPIONS. Our people are mentally impoverished and “stomachally” hungry, and that was the mental calculation of the elites and they played into it “ignoramusly”.

In the season / place of campaigning for elective offices,

  1. don’t vote an occult man because he or the national or state house of assembly don’t determine his decision, policies or program BUT by the occult grandmaster (who you don’t and won’t know) who definitely will ask him to suffer his citizens and cause blood shed to enrich their blood banks.
  2. don’t vote a man without vision. Without vision means he’s going nowhere since he didn’t know where to go.
  3. don’t live in an information age, age of knowledge and vote an uninformed man. My brother, the cost you will pay will be too big for the next 4years in following a deformed man. Mathematically,

Uninformed man=Deformed man.

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