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Image Management Is Now


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Image management is now. Image managing is immediate.

Most of the time, people create a bad image of themselves, without consciously knowing they’re doing so. Self-image is actually what you bargain for yourself. It is an investment you make for yourself. It is not reputation. When you create a bad image, once it comes to your notice, do as much as possible to re-engineer your image, refurbish or re-image yourself. Never think that when you get money or whatever you think that you can mend it.

Thinking of illustration…!

Ok, for instance, you’ve made several promises that fail, maybe, you’re looking for funds. The fund didn’t come as expected.  It is a bigger error to let matters lie low like waiting for the “arrival” of money. With no money, you can mend the image by stating the obvious, the situation, and the remedy.

  • The obvious is you expected money for solving the problem.
  • The situation is the expected money didn’t arrive.
  • The remedy is to state it and make do with what’s available.

Trying to do otherwise makes you a liar, and confirms that the image you think to have is not there. Image is who you are to you. Reputation is who people think you are, your facade. Both image and reputation need to be properly managed to be able to sell well in today’s marketplace. Most things people do or seek to do in brand management are partly reputation management. [I don’t want to go into Reputation Management because we run full courses in Reputation Management. Ask for it!] Let continue…

Image management should be built on a sure foundation of honesty, transparency, and sincerity. It should be based on your size. Jesus, one day gave a teaching on the two topics in a sitting, “who do men say I am? [Reputation Management]”, and then, “who do you think I am? [Image Management]” – to draw home who He is. Matthew 16:18.

Having a good reputation is critical and good, in fact, one of the things to look out for from a future leader is a GOOD REPUTATION – “well-spoken of others”. Acts 6:3.

It is not enough to have a good image without a good reputation while having a good reputation without a good image is a public victory, but a private failure.

When you owe, promise, vow or give your word, and it appears you will not meet up with the debt, promise, word, and vow, quickly readjust (as I said earlier, state the obvious, situation, and remedy ) to let the creditor know you’re human, and meant been sincere, but only that a condition changed. “Every adult or matured person knows that no man is a superman, no mortal is immortal, and that the best of men are still men at their best” – Mike Ihezuo.

Image management is Now: Not tomorrow!

Mike Ihezuo helps you achieve this https://www.mikeihezuospeaks.net/meet-mike-live.

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