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Ghost Writing, Part 3

How to Become a Ghostwriter

In part 2 of this series, after discussing the Benefits of Ghostwriting, the big question was; how do I become a ghostwriter? I postponed the answer to this part 3 now. Let me give this foundational advice, to be a ghostwriter, “THINK LIKE A PRO” – a professional writer, and professional speaker.

Ghostwriting work requires you to be both a good writer and a good listener. A successful ghostwriter can represent his/her client’s voice so that the words on the page “sound” like that person when they are speaking. If this kind of work sounds like a good fit, consider the following steps to becoming a ghostwriter bestseller pro:

  1. Choose The Right Location.

But the key to a successful ghostwriting career is having access to the right kinds of people who need their books or works ghostwritten. Such people could live anywhere even in your neighborhood – search for them.

  1. Build A Network.
Ghost Writing
Ghost Writing

So how do you get the attention of these potential clients? There’s no doubt that personal connections can really help, so network whenever/wherever possible. If you meet the right people, word of mouth can trickle out to new clients who are seeking ghostwriting services. Use your circles of relationships and influences.

  1. Ask For Recommendations.

It’s also important to actually let people know that you’re looking for work as a ghostwriter. Advertise digital and analog. Word of mouth has a tremendous record of influencing behaviour, but that is only possible if people in your social networks know what it is you want to do. In particular, make your ambitions known to people with publishing industry connections—if you know a freelance editor or an established author, they could put in a good word for you. Often publishing houses will recommend ghostwriters to famous public figures whose memoir rights they’ve just secured. You can print flyers and business (complimentary) cards and indicate you’re a freelance Ghost Writer.

  1. Perfect Your Craft.

If you don’t have social connections, hard work can also get you a long way. The most important thing you can do is get samples of your writing out in the world. Self-publishing your own books is one way to do this.

You can also take up blogging or write and record your own podcast series. No matter the format, understand that the work you do under your own name can help you land writing gigs under someone else’s name.

  1. Work On Your Interviewing Skills.

Typically ghostwriting jobs begin with extensive interviews between the writer and their ghostwriting clients. In some cases, the credited author and the ghostwriter go through the entire planned book step-by-step, plotting the principal message of each chapter. Some subjects will go even further; they know it’s their name on the byline and they may have granular drafting and editing notes as a result.

  1. Develop Your Own Personal Style.

If you can make your name with a particular publishing company or within a network of professionals (like athletes or actors), you can make a full career of ghostwriting books, since one job can quickly lead to more referrals. If possible, however, keep carving out time for projects that you write in your own voice. You can simultaneously maintain a ghostwriting style and a personal writing style and enjoy the financial and artistic rewards of balancing both.

Want to Learn More About Writing?

I can’t teach you up to 98% of what you need to know, do, and have here. You need coaching and mentoring in this area.

Become a writer, a better writer with Mike Ihezuo.

Mike Ihezuo has helped the staff of many topmost organizations in Nigeria in writing & communications skills ranging from report writing, proposal writing, letter writing, address/speech writing, tender/pre-qualifications writing, scripting, business plans and feasibility study and viability appraisals, etc. He can help you and your organizations with communications challenges.

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