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How Do You See What You Do? Part 1

How do you see what you do, perhaps your career, business, study, profession or ministry? This is a million dollars question as people would say. Don’t you think so? The way you think about a thing affect your productivity there because it affects all your subconsciousness cum mind to affect your motor nerves (action points) to make you deliver or fail.

Let me ask you again, how do see, view or perceive what you do, either your work (careerist), study (student), minister (God’s servant), or business, etc. Perception is not just real, it is more than real. The way people see you OR the way you see things affect you positively or negatively though that may not be the real state of things.

If you’re a student and you see being in the class, library and study as another social outlets to make friends, jolly, “sag”, what’s up even to pass exams you get it wrong. “Wrong reason is a wrong premise”, says Mike Ihezuo. Nothing good can come from wrong reason or foothold. Reason is a foothold. As good as many might think passing exam is a good reason to study, it’s idiotic, and offer no solution and value-creation to humanity. Why do you study?

If you work in an organization and you perceived your work as means of earning salary or a living (as many use that wrong expression), you see you got it wrong. In fact, you deserved not to be paid, because you’re another unproductivity waiting to be blasted. That’s why there are many unproductive “working workers” in Nigeria especially.

If you minister, work as manager and you view your work as a preacher or as a manager, you are in same pot of errors.

For now, I won’t give more because of space.

There are two group of people that exemplify good ways of looking at their work, business or careers. They’re;

  1. sports people and
  2. entertainers

I don’t know whether you watch athletes, footballers or any of such in the pitch? They see ALL they do as GAME. Their social class, wealth and anything don’t count to them there than this is a GAME. Why as a game? 4 things apply;

  1. there is an opponent to be beaten and send home.
  2. I’m the person to beat the opponent otherwise I’m finished
  3. there are rules to use in beaten him yet fair play is being watched out for
  4. every energy, seconds, resources and concentration are invested in winning because only winning counts.

By this, value is created. Not to slight any, you already know that sports is one of the biggest industry in the world today.

What of entertainers e.g. musicians?

When a musician climbs the stage with mic, his enemies and friends, critics and admirers become fans. Why? He sees life as ENTERTAINMENT. 3 things happen;

  1. They become emblem of happiness even if he left home unhappy. I’ve not seen an angry musician or MC or comedian on stage.
  2. They see their products as what you make it, not what they make, so they want you happy or entertained to be so. Because, if you’re happy, there product is good. You know that’s definition of entertainment.
  3. They want to conquer to …
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