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How Do You See What You Do? Part 3

I started a deep contemplation in part 1 sometime ago.  I laid a foundation on how to view whatever you do so as to get a result.

You know no one doubts result? So, result can be a goal, a motivator and an incentive.

But to add flesh to that meditation, let me demonstrate it with 2 or 3 careers. This takes a pretty 2sessions to do a deeper job on it. You can CONTACT us to know how to get the whole gist.

Back to Question: How do you see what you do? I mean your Career? Let me assume you’re a student studying for one degree, certification or promotion.

I said in all games; these 4 apply;

  1. there is an opponent to be beaten and send home.
  2. I’m the person to beat the opponent otherwise I’m finished.
  3. There are rules to use in beaten him yet fair play is being watched out for.
  4. every energy, seconds, resources and concentration are invested in winning because only winning counts.

Let me add more to make it 8;

  1. There is an object of play.
  2. Your opponent
  3. There is a standard of knowing score.
  4. There are rules to adhere to.

5. Object of Play.

For soccer, the object is football. Footballers know and play with it every time. For tennis, it is bat and tennis. Same applies for all games. For academics, many students don’t know, yet they call themselves students. The object of playing against the opponent called ignorance is KNOWLEDGE.

6. Your Opponent

To win a game of academics (call it book), you must know this MAN. Your classmates/course mates are not him. Error. Over 85% of students of all-time see their classmates as opponents and as competitors. Education nosedive in areas this is predominant. No sportsman sees his teammate as a competitor but as a co-player, co-goal-pursuer. So, students, hear me well: you are not in competition with your course mate but in symbiotic cooperation with them to conquer just one enemy, the worst and most common enemy to mankind. It goes on with the name IGNORANCE.

7. Standard of knowing Score.

Finding a way to teach classmates or others what you have learnt holds the key to MASTERY of what you do. I don’t believe I know a thing if I can’t replicate and demystify it to others. How many students know this KEY to mastery? Because of measurement standard, EXAMINATION became most portable and acceptable standard of knowing score. You can see where examiners took score from (sports) when accessing students’ performance.

8. The Rules To Adhere

This is the most desecrated. You should expect this from one who doesn’t know his opponent. Teaching this only takes 2hours by 2sessions, but let me try to make 3 sentences here. Rules governing bookwork or academics are;

  1. Rules governing REMEMBERING
  2. Laws of the BRAIN.
  3. Power of IMITATION.

Wow… space has finished.

How many parents who send their children/wards to schools made provisions for this. More or less, many parents send their children to school without knowing these.

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