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How Do You See Reading? Part 2

Not being good at reading is forming a black man way of doing things (culture). It is a poor reading culture if people find reading as punishment, manual hard-labour, non-exciting and non-energizing. A saying has it, “if you want hide something to a black man, put it inside a book (text), he’ll not see it”.


It is assumed most black men will not turn the pages of book to read them. Thinking to a black man has more audience than reading. As a public speaker, I can give you this my research finding for free: As bad as poor thinking and bad reading are in our society, more think than read. It is getting worse in this millennium age: millennials don’t read as interest than to pass exam and then social media. The decadence started last 40 years.


Many. In course of my work as public speaker, educator, and developer, it bothers me on virus that has eaten up African reading culture, the birth place of civilization (Egypt).

I know, you read books, publications, documents, signs, even electronic stuff, but my emphasis for scope purposes here are textbooks, literatures, novels, and formal publications.


I deducted that what makes people not to value reading are 1 to 14;

  1. Misplaced understanding that knowledge does not pay or matter – just get the money, power and fame.
  2. The delusion that hardcopy book, paper or booklet has lost its place to softcopy version, hence people think that they can read softcopy not knowing that they can only flip, scan, surf or browse it over but hardly read a page fully talk less of page to page.
  3. Knowing the purpose of reading; the original intended intent of reading.
  4. The making of our world, the world of videos, photos, colours and colour-shows, and less of messages and principles.…

14. Lack of speed reading.

Let me address the last #14. For the rest #1- #13, CONTACT.

See you in part 3

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