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How Do You See Reading? Part 1

What do you think about reading?

How do you see reading?

What triggers on in you at the mention of reading? – Boring, Sluggish, Unnecessary, Tired, Tiresome, Learning, Study, Sleepy, Sleeping, Non-essential, Non-rewarding, Exciting, Reinvigorating, Charging up? Etc. Add yours.

How you see something matters on what you get out of the thing. QED. This is a law, a Magna Carta. This is not far from thinking of same. Many see reading stuff as boring – why not tell me what it is or what to do than asking me to read, you know I don’t have time.

Many pretend they are too busy, but it is a deficiency, defect or weakness on them when it comes to reading.

Some see reading as lousy, and as such unnecessary and unrewarding – they ask, “those who read, what have they got from reading i.e. ROIR (Return on Investment in Reading) they get?”

Some see reading as tiresome because they are deluded to think they must be/sit in a particular posture before they could read and comprehend. Perhaps not too wrong, but not right at all.

Some for any sincere attempt of reading, sleep steps in; they start dozing. Body weakness creeps in and nerves relaxation set in. It happens in a pattern as if satan has sworn that, that person can never read cum learn hence satan buffets such person with sleep.

Some see reading as non-essential, unnecessary. Their mindset is why not act what you want me to know in a movie or put it in a video. You know I like watching videos, but not reading. You give them a book, they say, ‘why not record the book in audio (audiobook) so that I can listen to it instead of reading’.

Hmmm. Listening does not equal to Reading. Each differs in application.

All these spells doom to a society.

Conversely, some see reading as exciting, some see it as reinvigorating, recharging and charging up. Good. Very few find the act of reading as reinvigorating, refreshing, re-energizing, excitement, indeed learning cum study.


Space is gone, see me in Part 2

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