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How Do We See, Receive Corrections? Part 1


How do we treat, or receive corrections? Around the first week of May 2022, I corrected someone who said that accreditation of a university with 80 assessed departments in which 23 departments achieved Interim accreditations, 1 department denied accreditation, and the rest 56 were accredited. The person said it was 100% success…and I told him it is not 100%. His feeling was 56 out of 80 is equivalent to 100%. Error! The man went aflame. He said many ugly things to me.

Almost every now and then I see people flame up when they are corrected by people. I have also corrected people who thanked me. This puts me on a task to study Why Do People Detest Been Corrected? Why is correcting someone a thing of fight by some, instead of showing gratitude? How do people see a correction? Are correcting and praising people antipodal. I discovered many things in this quest. But before my discovered reasons, how do you see a correction? Then how do you receive correction? I’m not talking of criticism, but correction.

Write it down in the comments section. Then go to Part 2.

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