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Growth Mindset 3 – The Law Of Environment

growth mindset
growth mindset

Incidentally, Growth Mindset 3 – The Law Of Environment is not talking about the Ministry of Environment but the other environment and what it offers. I’ve spoken extensively on business, academic, spiritual, competitive, etc. environments, and even growth environments. Permit me to speak a little on growth environment.
The law of environment states that growth thrives in conducive surroundings (call it a conducive environment).
Wow. Do you know (please be frank with your response);
1. at one points in live, everyone needs to change the environment to grow or forge ahead.
2. environment, call it place, is older than a person – you. God created a place before the being [man or thing] that will be there.
3. it is impossible to grow without changing.
4. if you must reach your potential, you must be in the right environment, no matter the extent of comfort your current place has provided you with
5. no change in environment, no learning, no change in life, no promotion, no growth. QED.
6. one of the first steps toward success is to refuse to be captive of the environment you find yourself.
You should know these, absorb them, and assimilate them. But let me stress further
– don’t be in an environment where you’re ahead of others, so much that you cannot learn from anyone. [Observe the later part.] That’s not the place to grow
– “if you’re always at the head of the class, you’re in the wrong class”, says John Maxwell.
The average person likes to be the big fish in a little pond. Why? The big fish in a little pond stuff boosts their self-esteem. Wow! Do you get it? People should learn from people better than them. Few accept it, many avoid it. Why? It’s a humility issue. People can’t see others humble themselves to learn, even if they’re skilled themselves compared to one who has figured out a better solution. Too bad, do you notice top professionals hardly see a need to attend non-technical seminars rather than technical ones?
Let me stop here on Growth Mindset 3 – The Law Of Environment.

Dr Mike is a speaker and writer. He can be reached via This Contact.

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